Classically Connected, Inc. Launches Public Registry
to Support Global Musical Instrument Community

Now Registering New Content Providers of Record

February 1, 2023

NEW YORK–Classically Connected, Inc. has launched the Classically Connected, Inc. International Musical Instrument Registry™ (CCI IMIR™), an informational and educational resource that resolves the pervasive issue of missing or unreliable records about instruments. The non-profit public registry serves insurers, makers, music educators, investors, collectors, buyers, sellers, arts institutions and researchers.

“Various stakeholders in the instrument community have discussed this problem with us, so we built this registry to address their needs,” said Karen Neus, CCI chairwoman. “Anyone with an Internet connection can now gain crucial and accurate information about an instrument’s provenance, physical condition and authenticity.”

CCI IMIR™ ( is free to browse and currently has more than 250 entries, including all of the fine stringed instruments held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all of the Concorso Triennale award winners from the Museo del Violino and many dozens of instruments from distinguished private collections.

Similar to departments of motor vehicles, CCI IMIR™ assigns each instrument a unique number that unambiguously identifies it for reference and enables its owner to populate its individual page with data such as the year that it was made, the name of the maker, dimension measurements, photos and videos.

“We’ve simplified instrument research through the power of a link,” said Neus.

Owners, or those with power of attorney, pay a small administrative fee to apply to become a Content Provider of Record (CPR). Once certified they can upload information about their instruments directly to the registry. The data is stored on a blockchain-ready, cybersecure system that CCI independently manages.

“Since all data on CCI IMIR™ is owned by the CPRs — not by CCI — the registry is the impartial and trustworthy resource that many have been searching for,” said Neus. “We’re encouraged by the positive response that we’ve received from early users.”

CCI IMIR™ currently accepts stringed instruments, bows and pianos; it will expand to include other types of instruments in the future.

Founded in 1966, Classically Connected, Inc. is an international, New York City-based 501(c)(3) educational and cultural not-for-profit dedicated to connecting a global community through classical music. CCI supports a roster of civic-minded artists, conserves and lends fine instruments and offers musical outreach events to underserved populations.

Denise Tong

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